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Our company specialises in purchasing used clothing for export to Eastern Europe where the majority of people purchase their clothing in second-hand stores, as this is a cheaper alternative to buying new clothes and that’s the way you give joy to other people who receive good quality clothes at a good price. 

We proudly enlarge our society’s pro-environmental skills and widen their minds while teaching them to treat our world with deserved respect and admiration. Our company encourages people to lead an eco-friendly life by popularizing zero-waste habits, sharing recycling schemes and reducing the carbon footprint. By recycling your clothes with us, you help us make our world better. 

We are aiming to support the environment in being free of textile waste. Play a part in the process of clothes recycling in Aberdeen and help us protect the planet.

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Earn money

Pop in every time you need extra cash, after you tidy up your wardrobe, lose weight or just stop liking your goods anymore. Not only, will you contribute to the environment protection, but also earn money. Why would you throw anything away, if you have an opportunity to take something in instead? Give it some thought! 

The process of wardrobe clean-up doesn’t have to be a chore anymore – thanks to us, you can view it from a different perspective. Now, it’s not only cleaning, it’s a way to both earn some extra money and also help the environment. 

Our company offers you the best price on the market. For only 1 kilo of clothes we pay up to even £2. Guess how much money would you make if you actually looked through your wardrobe and took out all the unwanted clothes. Do you remember that old dress which is now way too small? Or that colorful jacket that doesn’t suit your style anymore? Don’t leave it hidden and forgotten. Get cash for clothes and help the environment. Help the people.

Make your world better

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Make your world better 

Our society has a tendency to pile up all the clothes they have ever bought. Because of an inherent sentiment about our old purchases, we constantly try to validate our decisions to keep them, even if we don’t wear them anymore. But, when it comes to its disposal, firstly we tend to think about throwing it away into the bin. Contrary to appearances, a practice like this may cause harm to the environment. According to many researches, the process of cloth disposal is extremely expensive, it is therefore advisable not to destroy them, but pass them into someone else’s hands. If you can’t make your unwanted clothes usable anymore, it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t either. By making a clothes donation in Aberdeen, you give your goods a second chance. What’s more, this opportunity enables the reduction of carbon dioxide and monoxide, which would unfortunately appear in case of a normal clothes disposal. 

We have an exceptional admiration for small things. Your clothes will both help the environment and… bring a smile to someone else’s face. There are many people that cannot afford a new piece of clothing, therefore they rely on second-hands and used clothes. This process plays an especially significant role in the third-world landfills. Their societies are living a poor life, lacking access to any appropriate conditions. This seemingly small gesture of clothes supply will play the key role in making the world better for the underprivileged. 

When giving away your things that wouldn’t ever be meaningful for you, you can give something meaningful for others. 

Get individual offer for charities 

Whether you are trying to raise funds for a charity/community or just need extra cash for yourself – the choice is yours, you may keep the money or donate it to a charity of your choice. Donating clothes in Aberdeen lets us support the most powerful charities in the world. While sharing the eco-friendly mindset, we also want to teach people kindness. It is the empathy that makes us help the people, the love for the world and constant need to understand its needs. 

Important! If you belong to any communities, companies, churches, charities or schools just contact us to get individual offers. Your old clothes will be exported to poorer countries in Eastern Europe, Russia & Africa, where they will be re-used. 

How to get Cash 4 Clothes? 

If you’d like to participate in clothes donation in Aberdeen, it is way easier than you think. Just bag up all your unwanted goods and bring them to our collection point. Your clothes will be quickly checked and weighed in front of you on the spot. Then you will be paid straight away. Isn’t it simple? Our qualified workers will give you your money for clothes in the blink of an eye. 

While tidying up your wardrobe, look for the clothes or shoes you no longer wear. Check whether anything is too small, too big, too short, too long or just doesn’t suit your style anymore. Put them aside and reassure yourself that there are no holes or defects. Keep in mind that the brought clothes need to be in appropriately wearable condition. Correct preservation of your goods will make them more useful during next actions. If you have your bag with clothes ready – come and get cash for clothes in Aberdeen!